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Primary Logo


A complimentary mark to the brand, the macron represents what sets a person or idea apart. It is a mark of the extraordinary. The macron can be used in many ways to emphasize, act as a divider, and in patterns.

Digital Shorthand

Usage in the digital space requires modification to the Gro logo to fit within digital constraints. The digital shorthand is the most unique part of the Gro logo, the Gro “o” and macron. 

Art Direction 

Examples of Asset Usage 

Brand Development


Custom Icons

Custom icons developed for each step in the entrepreneurial process.

Custom Patterns

Patterns can be used when there is a need for a graphic element that fills a large plane or if some visual interest is needed. The patterns are comprised of 4 sets of the “o” and macron in Gro’s logo rotated around each other. The “o” represents a person and the macron represents an idea in the same way a light bulb would, acting as a visual representation of an idea or a spark. This formation represents a team of people with ideas coming together to collaborate and work together to achieve a common goal.

Gro is an online tool that helps empower entrepreneurs. Its goal is to dramatically increase the success rate of new businesses. The brand needed to be friendly and approachable. The branding developed around three main graphic pillars; pattern, custom icons, and clean typography.


Brand Development

Icon Design

Print Design

Photography Art Direction

Social Media Art Direction

Gro Brand Development

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