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Art Direction / Design

Thnks Video & Booth Design

Thnks is a business gifting platform that leverages technology and the science of gratitude to help establish and build strong relationships for the modern world through efficient, personalized, and thoughtful appreciation.


Concept Development 
Art Direction 


Exhibit Design

Thnks Explainer Video & Conference Booth Design

Explainer Video

Thnks set out on a mission to spread their message of gratitude with booths in multiple conventions. A short video was written, storyboarded, and developed to work within the booth to illustrate the value propositions of using the Thnks app. The video was written and developed with careful consideration so it would stand alone with no sound at a noisy convention and could be cut and reused in a multitude of other channels later.

Booth Design

The form of the booth was utilized to echo the message of the video and the Thnks ethos. Thnks brought together two separate panes of graphics with one gesture of gratitude.

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