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Brand Additions and Refinement

New illustrations, “keto” identity, and a graphic element showcasing the cookies’ value propositions were added to the original package design. The original hand-done type was also refined for better legibility and consistency.

Color Palette

With Nunbelieveable’s success showing no sign of slowing down, extensive research was performed to identify what cookie flavors outside the scope of this round are likely to be produced in the future and what colors consumers already associate with those flavors. Although only two new flavors would be introduced into the system in this round, a color palette was developed for nine additional likely flavors to future-proof the package design system and limit future consumer confusion. 

Nunbelievable Brand Extension

Nunbelieveable, a joint venture between and Tony Robbins, is a mission-based cookie company that donates a meal to those in need with every purchase. After a successful first year, Nunbelievable is expanding, adding flavors and keto options to their original offering of cookie flavors, calling for new package designs.


Brand Extension

Package Design


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